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Henry Hamilton
Henry Hamilton

Henry Hamilton #73420 has 25+ years of event management and tournament directing skills; 6+ years of professional course design, installation, and care under his belt.

Thrown to the fire with a fearless attitude, he helped grow a successful family business, in the mid 90’s, when paintball was raging in the CSRA. A brick and mortar store soon grew to three elite tournament fields that we designed and maintained. Hosting corporate, church and team building events helped him to find a strong desire for running and managing events.


Flexibility in accepting experienced feedback has provided me with a keen edge to continue growing the sport of Disc Golf within the CSRA

Years later he was introduced to the sport of disc golf:
Instantly, his passionate and enthusiastic attitude lead H2 to volunteer for the local disc golf club, being elected as the Events Coordinator.

After a 5-year service to the community filling roles as President, Events Coordinator and Public Relations, it was time to pass the reigns and put forth his full efforts into Adrenaline Heaven Sports, LLC.

Henry takes in the outdoors by Disc Golfing, Kayaking, Camping, and Smoking BBQ.

Proper guidance and support motivated him to continue to spreading his wings; with a creative and innovative attitude, H2 has introduced new events with promising results.

ACE at Boyd Pond SC, Hole 13, 05/25/20

John Carson

John Carson #51402 has 15+ years of event management, 10+ years of the non-profit vertical, and 5+ years of disc golf tournament direction & consultation in his skillset.

John was the President of the Augusta Disc Golf Association from 2012-2015. Under his direction, the local club made a comeback from all but being forgotten about.

He had been avoiding Disc Golf for years, thinking it was just “hippies throwing frisbees in the woods”, until his friends finally got him out on the course and then he was instantly hooked. John is a casual player and prefers to plan, execute, and manage tournaments than to play in them.

John spends his time outdoors Smoking BBQ, Disc Golfing, and Kayaking with his daughter.

IT by trade; Welder by choice; Dad to 2 daughters by the grace of god; John brings key insight and business savvy to help ensure the success of Adrenaline Heaven Sports.

Daryan Carson

Daryan Carson #55718 has 2+ years of event management, and the unique perspective of a young woman in an ever-changing society and male-dominated sport.

She was introduced to Disc Golf as a teenager, by her father, and enjoys the game. She’s played in 4 tournaments and has 1 career win.

Daryan loves everything outdoors; Kayaking, Skydiving, Disc Golfing, Walking her dogs, Smoking BBQ, and anything Beach-related.

Daryan is a Certified Surgical Technician, working in the Operating Room of a large hospital. She also has an Associates Degree and is progressing towards becoming a PA.


Greg Mueller

Greg Mueller #85994 has 10+ years of event management and 20+ years of professional cooking competitions under his belt.

Introduced to Disc Golf a number of years ago by a fellow Chef, Greg loves his Innova Condors and will play a 990-rated round using nothing but those big, beautiful lids.

In his down time, Greg enjoys the outdoors with his family, Disc Golf, Smoking BBQ, and pulling Shenanigans on his friends.

Greg is a WORLDCHEFS Certified Master Chef and has several culinary certifications and titles that we have no idea what they stand for, but looks impressive and takes up their own line on his business card: WCMC, CEC, CCA, AAC. At his day-job, he’s the Director of Culinary Innovation at a big company you’ve heard of that makes BBQ Grills.

At AHS, Greg brings fresh player-centric ideas and helped to develop Flight Club.

Christian Boyd

Christian Boyd #170060 has nearly a decade of unique and complex supervision experience, from the mundane to the extreme.

He threw his first disc in January of 2021 during the height of the Worldwide COVID Pandemic. Like many others, he fell in love with the challenging and social nature of the sport. This new found hobby was a fantastic way to keep himself active, competitive, and regularly meeting new people in the CSRA.

Chris actively served in the United States Army for 7 years and completed 3 combat tours to the Middle East in that time. Upon departure from the service, he relocated his family to Aiken, SC and continues to aid the Department of Defense as a Subject Matter Expert in his field.

Christian is a member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and has a passion for assisting and representing other Veterans of the CSRA. Many of these Veterans, much like himself, struggle to get involved and feel a lack of belonging after their service to our great country. This unfortunate reality inspired him to actively seek out Service Members and Veterans so that he could introduce them to this growing pastime.

Here at AHS, Chris helps us engage with and embrace our vast Veteran community that we hold so near and dear to our hearts.