Disc Stamps

Rubber Disc Stamps are now available!

Contact me to get started

The stamp comes on a 2″ round, 3″ long wood handle. Stamp design diameter is approximately 1.9″. I also have 1.5″ (1.4″) and 1.25″ (1.15″) round x 2″ long handles at the ready, if 2″ is too big for your needs.

The cost is $30 + shipping-(if you aren’t local to Augusta GA area).

I promise absolute satisfaction and unlimited art revisions until you say “GO!”. I do all the artwork and laserwork so there is no middleman to deal with. Turnaround time is 1-7 days from “go”. I send PDF proofs that will print actual size, so what you see is exactly what you’ll get.

If you have an idea in mind, you can sketch something and send a picture and I’ll match it. If you have a particular font in mind, send me the font name(s) and where you want it/them used. You can search “free fonts” and there are many websites that offer fonts for download. Some fonts don’t translate well to print, but we’ll discuss that if it comes up. Alternatively, you can tell me what kind of font (script/sweeping/block/etc) and I’ll find some choices.

If you have existing artwork: I prefer SVG or EPS (with curves), but can accept ANY format (ai/pdf/png) and also any Affinity formats.

The stamp is 100% Kustom. The only limit is (y)our imagination and physical space.

I ask that you pay the cost of the stamp and shipping (if applicable) up front. Shipping is $10 with tracking. Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, & Cash accepted.

The Stazon Solvent Ink can be gotten from Amazon, it works the best on all plastics: ASIN B0013L5SDY.

-rev (John Carson)

Stamp Examples