A lot of time, money, and work are invested in our events. We understand that life happens and sometimes you have to break the commitment you made to our event. You may cancel your entry to our events without judgement or reason.

Understand that we have to commit to pack items, food, and other amenities with our vendors prior to the event date. Your non-refundable handling fee goes directly into each event and not into our beer fund. We hope you understand why we charge this fee.

From time to time we may update and/or clarify the Refund Policy.

Adrenaline Heaven Sports follows PDGA 1.03 Withdrawls and Refunds as our refund policy.

We encourage you to read the rules of the PDGA. Below we have summarized them in an easier to read format for your convenience.

Players MUST email AHS their withdrawal and refund requests. Text, Facebook Message, Telephone, Tournament Comments, or any other method that is not email, are NOT acceptable methods. Submitting a refund request via the player self-service page for the tournament on DiscGolfScene (DGS) or the contact page on the AHS website is acceptable, as that sends us an official email request. We do this to create a “paper trail” of accountability. This ensures that the Tournament Director and/or approved Tournament Staff are aware of your request and the request is considered official.

When you submit a withdrawal or refund request, no matter when you do it, AHS charges a $5 handling fee. The only exception to this policy is for FJ* & MJ*; as parents we recognize that there are a multitude of factors when it comes to children and the schedules of everyone involved.

Your refund amount depends on how far out from the tournament you make the request, as outlined below:

    • 30+ days
      1. 100%, minus $5
    • 29-15 days
      1. 100%, minus $5; provided we can fill your spot with another player from the waitlist or general registration
      2. If your spot is NOT filled: you will be offered 50% of your entry fee OR the player pack. Pro players will be given 50% of their entry fee and the 50% we keep will be added to the Pro Payout
    • 14-0 days
      1. 100%, minus $5; provided we can fill your spot with another player from the waitlist or general registration
      2. If your spot is NOT filled: you will be given 25% of your entry fee OR the player pack. Pro players will be given 25% of their entry fee and the 75% we keep will be added to the Pro Payout
    • If you do not show up to tournament check-in, you will receive no refund and no players pack. Thank you for your donation to the event
    • The $5 Handling Fee we keep always goes right back into the event to cover costs of running the tournament
    • If you have to leave the tournament AFTER you have checked-in and gotten your player pack (if applicable), you will receive no refund
    • AHS charges a minimal waitlist fee. This fee is non-refundable.
      • If DGS has charged you the full entry fee and you are put on the waitlist and you do not get promoted or request to withdrawal from the waitlist, you will receive 100% of your entry fee minus the $5 handling fee. If you only paid the $5 waitlist fee, then you will receive no refund

If AHS vacates a Division, and you do not want to move to a different division then you are eligible for a full refund of your entry fee. No handling fee will apply to vacated divisions.

AHS does NOT accept “day-of” or “walk-up” registrations, except at certain tournaments which will be clearly marked as such. All registrations must be filled during the registration period, as defined on DGS, either by general registration or by waitlist.


Most events have the potential to be impacted due to hurricane season and severe weather conditions. The event will not be rescheduled due to a hurricane and/or severe weather conditions. This will be the procedure followed for ALL refund requests and cancellations except for pandemic-related cancellations:

    • Pro players will receive a refund less $5 of their entry fee
    • Am players will have their players pack mailed to them and have $5 of their entry refunded
    • Players who have previously dropped are not entitled to refunds beyond what they already received

We make every effort to run our events; this includes, but is not limited to: finding alternate TDs & rescheduling. In the unfortunate event that we cannot host a tournament due to circumstances beyond our control and have no recourse but to cancel it, this is what we will do:

    • Pro players will receive a 100% net refund
      • Pro players are welcome to opt in for a players pack (less the pack value and shipping) if packs are available
    • Am players will have a choice to have their player pack mailed to them and receive a partial refund (less the value of the pack and shipping) OR they can request a 100% net refund
    • BOTH Pro and Am players who previously signed up and dropped will have their $5 handling fee refunded
    • We may opt to throw a spiff at affected players. This will be handled on a tournament-by-tournament basis. We know you invested time and money in us, and we want to return the favor with a small token of our love.

Please understand that we dread the thought of cancelling a tournament. We know how it looks and we know the disappointment and frustration is causes. Cancellations are the ABSOLUTE LAST measure.

Please Note: Refunds are based on the NET ENTRY FEE and do not include any fees charged by PayPal or DGS.

Individual Sponsorships and/or Donations of any kind are non-refundable.

There may be certain situations where this is not the case, but those would be very few and very far between on a case-by-case basis.

NB: Players who sign up and choose sponsorship(s) as part of their tournament entry (e.g. hole sponsor) are entitled to a refund if they drop from the tournament, in accordance with the normal refund policy.