Adrenaline Heaven Sports Trophy Policy

Trophies are expensive. Trophies are cool. To be fiscally conservative and bring you the best possible experience, here is our Trophy Policy.

The cut-off for divisional trophies is two (2) weeks prior to the event so we have enough time to produce them; after the cut off you are not guaranteed a divisional trophy; this includes Nth place trophies. Please sign up early.

Professional Divisions

0-4, No Trophy

5+, 1st Place only

Amateur Divisions

0-4, Alternate Trophy

5-11, 1st Place

12-19, 2nd Place

20-29, 3rd Place

30-39, 4th Place

40-49, 5th Place, and so on…

Alternate Trophies may or may not be tournament-branded, and/or “trophy-like”, and/or of the same value as other trophies.


Charity Events and PDGA CEP (Competition Endowment Program) Rated Events.

To Maximize on dollars raised for charity and/or to keep costs low for CEP Events, only 1st place trophies will be awarded at these events. It is at the TD discretion to award additional trophies, which may be Alternate Trophies.


A note about getting your trophy: It is your responsibility to contact us if you do not pick up your trophy at the event. For Flex Start and Other Side Events (eg “Triple Crown”), we will make every effort to get your Trophy to you in a timely manner.

We will happily ship your trophy, at your expense. If you do not pick up your Trophy within 6 months, it is forfeit. PDGA 1.10 G(2)