Adrenaline Heaven Sports always has the player in mind in everything we do, because we are also players!

We follow PDGA 1.02 Tournament Registration as our registration & waitlist policy.

With the rapid sell-outs of events months before the event itself and the unprecedented growth of Disc Golf, we are feeling the financial strain of the wallet like every one is. What we are seeing is that the majority of tournaments are making wait-listers pay full-price and no one knows if there will be drops they can fill, thus you have a lot of money tied up for 3-4 months on just one tournament with no guarantee you will get to play. This puts a particular burden on the player who wants to play even 1 tournament a month during the Season.

Trust us, we are feeling that same squeeze.

To that effect, we are making a positive change to our waitlist policy. We feel that this will accomplish the goal of securing your spot and lessening the long-term burden on your wallet, when you don’t even know if you’ll get to play or not. We feel this is a better model for the player.

Because this policy places an extra burden on AHS staff, you should familiarize yourself with our refund policy.

Effective 03/10/2021, the AHS Waitlist policy is as follows:

In accordance with PDGA Competition Rules 1.02(B,D) & 1.03(B), The Waitlist entry will be a non-refundable $5 fee.

When you get promoted you will have 48 hours from the time of your promotion to pay the full entry fee.

You will get an automated email from DGS when you are promoted; We may also email you as a courtesy.

If you do NOT pay the full entry fee within 48 hours, you will be moved to the end of the waitlist and the next person will be promoted.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

If you are cycled through the waitlist & promoted twice but do not pay the full entry or respond to our inquiries both times, you will remain on the waitlist until you contact us. We have to assume that you do not want to play or are otherwise indisposed. This is fair and equitable for all players that seek to play in our tournaments.

Please Note: There is a possibility that you could be charged the full entry fee and still be added to the waitlist. Please see this article on DGS for further information.