Women in Disc Golf

Check out our Ladies Only Disc Golf Experience (LODGE) Tournament!

Adrenaline Heaven may not “have a dog in this fight”, as the saying goes, but we are fathers to some amazing girls and we want nothing more than to see our daughters triumph; The way we look at it, all women are “somebody’s daughter” and there is an unspoken camaraderie amongst “girl-dads”.

To that effect, AHS is making a tactical effort to “go the extra mile” when it comes to Women in Disc Golf.

We do this in the following ways

    • Early registration for all PDGA F-divisions
    • Lower entry fees into tournaments
    • Run Womens-only tournaments
    • Provide women-centric sundries at tournaments
    • Best effort to provide tailored player packs

A word about “Women-Centric Sundries”: This includes, but not limited to, being cognizant about restroom availability and placement; the LODGE BOX; and other little things we do for the ladies.

AHS is proud to present the LODGE BOX!

The LODGE BOX will be available at EVERY AHS-run tournament, at tournament central, for the ladies to use as needed. We promise to keep it well-stocked. If you think we need to add to it, let us know!







Interested in getting a LODGE Box for your tournaments? Talk to us, we can help you source the items and even send you some stickers for the box.

The LODGE BOX contains most everything the Ladies might forget and might need while out on the course. The contents of the LODGE BOX came from the combined insight of Kaleigh Powers (#119908), Daryan Lopez (#55718), and Sara Nicholson (#33589).

Almost everything in the box is designed for you to take with you.

Need a hair tie? Take one.
Broke a nail? Grab a nail clipper & emory board (we buy in bulk!).
The only thing we have not sourced as grab-n-go is the wet-wipes and hand-sanitizer, but that will come as we can find a good source.

The LODGE BOX contains: