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Jan 01
8:00pm EDT

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2021 Adrenaline Heaven Sports Season Pass

Adrenaline Heaven Sports is looking for fun and creative ways to give more to you, the player. Do you like the events we put on every year? Perfect! Here is a way to save on every tournament registration, snag some cool swag and show your support for AHS.

The Adrenaline Heaven Sports Season Pass is a sponsorship opportunity. We love doing what we do and want to find new and creative ways to save you money as a thank you for your continued support.

Shenanigan Points Details

Shenanigan Points Leaderboard

Friend, $25

$75+ VALUE!!

  • $5 discount code at every AHS-run tournament
  • Invite-only entry into special side action at AHS-run tournaments
    • Cash, merchandise, and more. We promise shenanigans!
  • Pair of Wicking Athletic Socks
  • Numbered Bagtag
    • Challenge other Season Pass holders!
  • Earn Shenanigan Points for awesome rewards**


Best Friend, $50

$125+ VALUE!!

  • Everything in the Friend Zone, plus…
  • AHS Season Pass Swag Pack
  • Special Invitation for you and a friend to a Dinner later in the year
  • Mentions at every AHS-run tournament
  • Early Registration to all AHS events that are PDGA A-tier and below


Best Friend For Life (well…at least for all of 2021), $100

$250+ VALUE!!

  • Everything in the Friend & BF Zone, plus…
  • Custom Polo
  • Tee-Sign Sponsorship at every AHS-run tournament


Early Registration: You will be emailed an invitation for early registration on PDGA Rules (1.02(C,3,d,2)) state that we cannot offer more than one-third of the field to Season Pass holders. Early registration for Season Pass holders will be on a first-come, first served basis.


Dates of events are subject to change. All event information is provided on each event registration page or on our website Stated value is based on 7 tournaments registered for. No warranty expressed or implied. No refunds.

Shenanigan Points

Shenanigan Points Leaderboard

You know us, you love us, and you damn well know we are all about the Shenanigans! We also thought it would be far more fun if more people were in on the Shenanigans with us. As a Season Pass holder, you are in on the Shenanigans and you can earn Shenanigan Points. What can you do with your Shenanigan Points? Hell if we know, we’re making this up as we go along…which is why its called Shenanigans!

We will say this though, there will be Shenanigans. Lots of Shenanigans. There will even be something special at the end of the Season for those that raise the most Shenanigans (points)!

AHS reserves the right to award Shenanigan Points as we see fit. The Shenanigan Point list can be added to at any time, remember…it IS Shenanigans after all!

Shenanigan Points Leaderboard

Player NameShenanigan PointsNotes
John Carson3666Master of Shenanigans
TomMac Garrett219Shenaniteering
Hal Mundy212Baled it
Scott Crackel123Gender Reveal Party
Lloyd Weema109Shenaniteering
Matt Flynn109Shenaniteering
Keith Augustine105Shenaniteering
Matthew King35Pot o' Gold!
Blake Muncy 30Shenanigan Notion
Dalton Mundy30Married to Shenanigans
Mel Dickerson22Yeaaa Boyd!
Alan Beaver16ACO Div Champ
Charles Toney16Shenanigan Refusal
Anthony Spencer11ACO
Austin Barnette8ACO
Greg Mueller8ACO
Barry Powers3FlightClub
Eddie Brown3FlightClub
Kaleigh Powers3FlightClub
Henry Tabor2FlightClub
Tom Tabor2FlightClub
Austin Lytle1Shenanigan Acceptance
Blaine Shaw1Shenanigan Acceptance
Bob Davies1Shenanigan Acceptance
Brandon Rollins1Shenanigan Acceptance
Dan Reynolds1FlightClub
Garett Tamplain1Shenanigan Acceptance
Jacob Shepard1Shenanigan Refusal
Jake Rodee1Shenanigan Acceptance
Jake Shelby1Shenanigan Acceptance
Justin Blohm1Shenanigan Acceptance
Keith Fulmer1Shenanigan Acceptance
Lake Clark1Shenanigan Acceptance
Matt Dollar1Shenanigan Acceptance
Matthew Funk1Shenanigan Acceptance
Waylon Brown1Shenanigan Acceptance
Henry Hamilton-2048Bumblefsckery