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Dec 22, 2022
8:00pm EDT

Registration opens


2023 Adrenaline Heaven Sports Season Pass

Adrenaline Heaven Sports is looking for fun and creative ways to give more to you, the player. Do you like the events we put on every year? Perfect! Here is a way to save on every tournament registration, snag some cool swag and show your support for AHS.

The Adrenaline Heaven Sports Season Pass is a sponsorship opportunity. We love doing what we do and want to find new and creative ways to save you money as a thank you for your continued support.

SP23 – $30

$230+/- VALUE!!

– $5 discount code at every AHS tournament ($50)

– 10% discount on cash purchases at the AHS Store ($30)

– Early Registration to all AHS events that are A-tier and below, per PDGA      Competition Manual 1.02(C,3,d,2) ($140)

Early Registration: You will be emailed an invitation for early registration on PDGA Rules (1.02(C,3,d,2)) state that we cannot offer more than one-third of the field to Season Pass holders. Early registration for Season Pass holders will be on a first-come, first served basis.


Dates of events are subject to change. All event information is provided on each event registration page or on our website Stated value is based on 10 tournaments registered for. Tournaments excluded include, but not limited to: SCSDGC, LODGE, NADGT, NTC, and/or any tournament that AHS runs that we do not have complete control over. No warranty expressed or implied. No refunds.