ACE POT at Boyd Pond

December 13, 2020 through March 21, 2021 Adrenaline Heaven Sports will bring back ACE POT at Boyd Pond. This league has a $10 buy, $8 from each entry entered in the ace pot and $2 from each entry to a tree fund. ACE POT at Boyd Pond has no cap and will continue to grow until someone hits an ace.

The league will start with $447 in the ACE POT and $193 in the tree fund from last year. Once the league season has ended, the tree fund will go towards the purchase of trees for Boyd Pond Park Disc Golf Course. ACE POT at Boyd Pond will be bi-weekly on Sundays at 2pm. See our calendar for dates.

Progressive pot with NO CAP!
Only pays out if someone gets an ace!

Mel Dickerson hits it for $1055 on 1/24/21

$10 to play
$8 to ACE POT
$2 to planting trees at course

Schedule subject to change pending local sanctioned events

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What’s the current ACE POT total? Find out right here!

ACE POT at Boyd Pond Winners

Mel Dickerson 1/24/21, hole 9 – total pot $1055