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Payout Rollover


34 weeks of play from March 17, 2021 to November 03, 2021

Flex Start League to improve your short game!
Check-in & Play from 17:30-19:00
Entry is $10
– $5 towards that night’s payout & $5 towards the finale
Minimum of 3 people per card
Layout will be set up to practice at 5:00pm
7pm is final registration and last card out
Private course, gates are locked at 20:00, SHARP


Week 16-18
Week 16-18









4301 Evans to Locks Rd
Evans, GA 30809



We now have 4 baskets for a total of 12 tee-stations!
All tee-stations will be 200′ or less
You throw two shots from each tee-station
Points are awarded based on where your disc lands

Putting stations

Standard Putting:
5 Distance Putts on 2 different Baskets

Riot Mode:
Two throws from each station

Points awarded based on what you make from each station.

Carne Asada Bonus Shot is only one throw.

If you are unhappy with your nightly score, check back in and say, “STAMPEDE MY ROUND!”. You can now buy back in for an additional $5. You are exempt from that evening’s payout. This resets your nightly score for final season points only. All Stampede my round money goes to the finale.


    • 3 points for Attending
    • 5 points for Ace
    • 3 points for Bullseye hit (10’ circle)
    • 1 point for Circle-1 hit (30’ circle)
    • 1 point for metal hit (cage & above, not an Ace)
    • 0 points for outside Circle-1 hit

Putting Points

You get to choose the Standard Putt or Riot Mode.

Riot Mode adds “High Risk, High Reward”

Standard Putting

      • 5 Distances on each of the 2 Baskets
      • 1 point for each successful putt
      • 1 Bonus point for making both putts on both baskets
      • Maximum of 3 points per set

Example: 2 Baskets A & B. You putt 5 times on A and 5 times on B. You make the 20′ putt on Basket A & B; you get 1 point on A and 1 point on B, and an additional 1 bonus point for making the 20′ A & B for a total of 3 points.

Riot Mode Putting

      • 2 Shots on each Basket
      • 1 Point for each successful putt
      • 4 Bonus points for making both putts in each set
      • Maximum of 6 points per set

Example: You putt at the 30′ Basket. You make both putts; you get 1 point for the first putt, 1 point for the second putt and and additional 4 bonus points for making both putts in the set for a total of 6 points.

Carne Asada Bonus Shot
This is a one shot deal. One putter from the designated distance can double your overall putting points for the night. Minimum 50’ distance. The distance and target will change weekly. Successfully making the Carne Asada Shot will DOUBLE your putting score for the night.

Weekly BONUS Points

    • 1st place – 3 extra points
    • 2nd place – 2 extra points
    • 3rd place – 1 extra point
    • Beyond 3rd place – no bonus points

There will be at least 2 AFTERPARTY rounds (TBD) in the 2021 Season. These will be GLOW rounds that will start at 8pm. Bring your flashlights and glow discs! These are special rounds with a 2x point multiplier and can be different from the previously played normal round. You must play in that night’s regular round to play in the AFTERPARTY.

Ample notice will be given for The AFTERPARTY rounds.

Project Mayhem
We may offer Mayhem Points from time to time. These are earnable bonus points for Maybe participation. These are optional, and may require a small purchase (e.g. T-Shirt). If you have a Project Mayhem idea, consult League Staff and give us ample time to execute said Mayhem. If your idea is chosen, you will be awarded Super-Secret Mayhem Points.

We may replace normal shots with Mayhem Shots. Everyone will participate in the same Mayhem Shot. An example would be, “everyone has to throw a roller for the first shot of hole 6”. FlightClub is all about the fun, and we deliver!


To qualify for the Finale, you MUST have played in a minimum of 17 rounds of Flight Club. This prevents “baggers” from playing a handful of rounds and then taking a spot from the players who have invested time into the season. The number of players being invited to the finale will be dependent upon the total number of players in the season. As we get closer to the end of the season, there will be an announcement.

The finale event will include more stations with more baskets in an URBAN layout. The Finale will be planned in November to allow League Staff the ability to prepare and execute the event which should happen in December.


FlightClub is all about having fun and player feedback is important to us.

We are playing on private property and as such we must abide by the rules and wishes of recteq. This means we must put our “best disc forward” and be good stewards of the Disc Golf community.

Flight Club is subject to change due to weather, recteq’s schedule, and other unforeseen factors.

If you have registered for the round and we must call it for any reason, anytime during the round, we will give all registered players of that round 3 points for attending and 7 points for the cancellation; even if you have played and scored out before the cancellation. No other points will be earned for a cancelled round. $5 of your entry will carry forward to the next week.

If you must leave before you finish your round, we will not penalize you. Your attendance will count towards the Finale qualifications. Whatever your score is when you leave is the score for that league round. You must let the League TD know you are leaving and cross out the missed holes on your scorecard. Your card-mates will turn in the scorecard as normal. You will not be issued a refund, and your buy-in will not carry forward.

If you are disqualified or ejected from the property, for any reason, you will forfeit ALL points for that league round. You may also be asked to not return in the future and possibly forfeit your Finale Qualification. No refund will be issued.

Prizes are not transferable or upgradable. Winner must pickup their prize in-person, 30 days from winning or forfeit that prize.

Player consents to having their picture taken and their likeness used for marketing purposes by Adrenaline Heaven Sports and recteq, without further compensation.


Payout Rollover

Andy Rhodes10
Anthony Spencer9
Braeden Sides14
Bret Stetson25
Clint Kuglar25
Dan Reynolds6
Daniel Swinson107
Daryl Vilano0
David Buchanan0
David Milligan15
Doug Seigmund7
Eddie Brown0
Eric Donnelly2
Eric Lund89
Erin Kuehl4
Fast Eddie0
Gunny Meeks13
Haley Childs6
Jack Korn8
Jacob Huffman8
Jacob Vaiden6
James Elkins58
James Murray13
Jamie Gill0
JJ Jiminez5
Joe Costa3
Josh Childs80
Kaleigh Powers13
Kurt Spivey25
Lake Clark30
Matt Shank21
Matt Stockston7
Mel Dickerson5
Mike Downes12
Mike Marshman0
Mike Wellman0
Nate Michalove10
Nathaniel Samsel15
Patrick Donnelly6
Patrick Graziani11
Ryan Henderson5
Sammy Navarre9
Sausage Biscuit2
Scotty Coxville11
Swami Swain9


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